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Income protection and medical insurance in Telford, Shrewsbury and throughout Shropshire

You may have considered what you would do if you found yourself unable to carry out day to day work. This is never a situation that you would like to think would happen, but just how prepared are you? For ultimate peace of mind for you and your family, you should think about the most appropriate solutions.

Mortgage payment protection covers your mortgage related payments whenever you find yourself unable to work for an extended period. This could be due to accident, sickness or simply losing your job. Expenses covered include mortgage payments, life insurance premiums, buildings and contents insurance premiums and payments on any endowment policies you may have.

Why should you choose Mortgage Payment Protection?

The benefit of choosing an income protection policy as an alternative is that it doesn’t just cover your mortgage related expenses. This option will provide you with a replacement income to cover your general living expenses. Contact Interfinancial in Shropshire for more helpful advice on your protection.

Why should you choose an Income Protection policy?

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Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance is normally seen as a necessity by many people to ensure they get to choose when, where and with whom they are treated, rather than accept the vagaries of NHS care. Many ailments can be ‘nipped in the bud’ if promptly and effectively treated rather than causing longer recovery times if ignored or when waiting times for access to consultants are taken into account. Care and cost levels vary enormously, making it imperative that you utilise an experienced brokerage to secure the most suitable cover at the right cost for your budget.


Good health is important to us all and when illness does strike it is often unexpected. Although the NHS offers excellent service for emergency treatment, public demand means you may experience some delay, especially for non-urgent treatment.


With private medical insurance you will always have the comfort of knowing that, should you, or members of your family become ill, the condition can be treated quickly, by a specialist in a private hospital close to home, in comfortable surroundings.


Accommodation in a private hospital...

usually means your own room, almost always with a telephone, TV, radio and en-suite bathroom. You'll enjoy a choice of food and drink and, as there are normally no restrictions to visitors, you can keep in contact with your friends, family and business colleagues.


Remember, we are independent...

and we can therefore help you to find the best plan for your particular needs. Interfinancial has access to the whole market and can offer a range of highly competitive individual and family plans to suit your requirements and your budget.